DOWNLOAD: 2014 Sender Score Benchmark Report

Did you know...out of the billions of emails sent daily, over 70% will NOT make it to the inbox?

Return Path’s latest research show you how your Sender Score impacts email deliverability. Wondering what a Sender Score is? Quite simply put, a Sender Score is a reputation that indicates the trustworthiness of an email sender’s IP address.

According to Return Path, email providers use Sender Scores to determine how they filter incoming emails. Understanding this information will help you raise your sender score and get your emails to the inbox.

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  • How your repuation effect email marketing performance.

  • Why sender reputation matters.

  • Where you fit into the global Sender Score landscape. 

  • A detailed performance breakdown of the top Sender Score brands. 

  • The single biggest influence on reputation and deliverability. 

  • How to pull your program into the top tier and keep it there.

  • More...

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