Did you know...out of the billions of emails sent daily, over 20% will NOT make it to the inbox?

For email marketing, reaching the inbox is the first and biggest challenge marketers need to overcome. Unfortunately, many are struggling with this crucial step. Globally, one in five emails are missing the inbox. With 20 percent of email not reaching the inbox, marketers are missing out on not only potential revenue, but also the opportunity to build strong relationships with subscribers.

In Return Path's latest deliverability benchmark report, they share the state of deliverability.

Learn the truth about email deliverability, and...

  • How email gets delivered and how to measure inbox placement
  • Global inbox placement trends broken out by quarter
  • Deliverability statistics for eight individual countries Inbox placement rates broken out by industry
  • And more...

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Did you know?


Marketers in the United States struggled to reach the inbox compared to the global average, seeing only 77 percent of messages delivered to the inbox.


Globally, the average inbox placement rate stood at 80 percent, a one percent increase over the previous period.