Understand the components of effective email marketing design.

A captivating message must be paired with good email design.

You’ve worked hard on creating a captivating message for your email campaign. Now, you need to compliment it with an engaging email design that looks professional and sends the right message about your company and the offer you’re promoting. By understanding the basic components of what goes into effective design, you'll gain insight into what’s involved in creating an attractive and effective email design that encourages positive action. 

Design Elements Covered:
  • Composition
  • Images
  • Color
  • Typefaces/Fonts
  • Balance/Symmetry
Also includes a sample email design.

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Email Marketing Design Guide

What Readers Are Saying...


"I love this guide! It is so easy to follow and serves as a reminder of what good email design should look like"

Keith Hearn
Web Developer


"I particularly found the section about color intriguing. I had no idea how much color can impact the recipient’s response. Good stuff! Thanks for providing yet another awesome resource."

Chris Cornett
Web & Email Design Consultant