Poorly designed HTML messages have a 70% chance of being ignored, deleted or filtered...

Did you know that not including a text version of your campaign might cause your email to be marked as SPAM? Our informative marketing guide explains why and provides 50+ more great tips to ensure your HTML emails get delivered to the inbox. 

This informative guide will answer questions like:

  • Should I be sending 'image-rich' or text-only emails?
  • How do images impact results?
  • Which HTML code will break your email design, causing it to display wrong?
  • Where is the best place to include a call-to-action?
  • And more...

This tip-packed guide is virtually guaranteed to help you improve your response rates. 

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About Pinpointe

Pinpointe services email marketing ‘power users’ who have outgrown their Email Service Provider (ESP) but don’t need all the features and cost associated with marketing automation. Pinpointe is designed to support high-volume customers sending consent-based email campaigns. Schedule a 1-on-1 demo or free trial.

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What Readers Are Saying...


“I learned more from Pinpointe's guide in 20 minutes than I've learned in the past 2 years as an email marketer!”

Joel Summo
Email Marketing Specialist


“I never knew Outlook and Gmail don't support more than half of all 'standard' HTML coding. No wonder our emails were not displaying correctly!”

Sarah Jenkins
Marketing & Communication Director