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On-Demand Webinar

ALL NEW Email Marketing Tips for 2023 

Presented by Jay Schwedelsons

As we navigate 2023 planning…

Join Pinpointe and Jay Schwedelson, Founder of Outcome Media, for a live marketing webinar on December 08. Jay Schwedelson returns with all NEW email best practices to cut through the noise and capture attention with real, actionable data insights from the last 60 days. From how to increase open rates with a few easy tweaks to how to get more responses on email offers, Jay will deep dive into what’s proven to drive strong email marketing ROI right NOW. This fast-paced session will look at key behavioral changes driving the latest tactics and techniques for both B2B and B2C, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack while avoiding the most current marketing pitfalls.

After viewing the webinar and slides, you’ll have a good understanding of:

  • Know and understand the power of email subject lines in increasing open rates and engagement – from specific words that capture more attention to using symbols, personalization, and things you have never considered!
  • Find out the best days and ideal frequencies for sending emails!
  • Learn which email “don’ts” of the past have maybe turned into “dos” and the best ways to incorporate these into your marketing strategies around email
  • And more +++

If you want some actionable and relevant email campaign tips for 2023, this is one webinar you’ll want to watch!


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“The webinar was absolutely chocked full of good ideas, tips, and caveats regarding useful strategies when preparing a campaign, regardless of size. It also included good anecdotal comments about the realities of sending emails in general. Plus, having slides with hard copy representations to make a point creates an excellent reference tool as opposed to remembering what the presenter said.”

Thomas Heidgerd, Principal | Secure Data Payment Systems


“Jay is full of fantastic information and is very interesting to listen to. I took his webinar last year and increased open rates thanks to his advice!”

Brianna Ward, Digital Marketing Manager | Source Group



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