Looking to reach new customers and grow your business?

Google's search platform and Facebook news feeds are great channels to place your ads in. But which is more effective – Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

In this informative on-demand webinar, Pinpointe and digital marketing leader, Antoine Dupont, explain the key differences between both types of ads – including the pros and cons.

After the webinar, you’ll also have a comprehensive understanding of each type of ad, including:

  • Which platform is a better fit to help grow your business How to improve the reach & performance of your campaigns What kind of ads are best to generate leads And more…
  • Why it's important to use all three marketing tactics together
  • Tips to make the trio work seamlessly
  • Examples to inspire your own marketing strategy

Plus, you’ll see lots of ad examples.

If you have any questions around Facebook or Google ads – you will want to watch this webinar.

About Pinpointe

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What Viewers Are Saying...


“The webinar was presented well and provided fantastic information. Antoine took the time to explain his points in detail. I am also looking forward to the follow-up document that contains all the questions that weren't covered during the webinar.”

Shawn Miller


“The webinar had good insight on Facebook ads vs Google ads and showed me where and why I should implement my business ads. I also liked Antoine’s slideshow; it reinforced his talking points in a clear and concise manner.”

A. McKinney
Webinar Attendee