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On-Demand Webinar

How to Use Personalized Images &
Countdown Timers in Email & Landing Pages
to Drive More Engagement

Presented by Eric Elliott + Lisa McEwen

It’s not always easy to stand out in crowded inboxes, especially since the average person receives about 120 business emails a day.

How can you make your emails stand out? Consider adding a personalized image or a countdown timer to your next campaign to drive engagement.

Ready to learn how? In this on-demand event, Pinpointe teamed up with NiftyImages, a company that’s reinventing outdated email personalization techniques. Through this partnership, you will gain the knowledge to seamlessly create personalized images and countdown timers for email campaigns and landing pages.

After viewing the webinar, you’ll know how to create these engaging elements and have a good understanding of:

  • Why personalized images and countdown timers are effective
  • How to add personalized images and countdown timers to a Pinpointe email campaign
  • Applications for countdown timers

Plus, you’ll see examples of personalized images in action.

Register today to see this engaging, on-demand event with Eric Elliot, Director of Business Development at NiftyImages, and Lisa McEwen, Email Specialist at Pinpointe.


“I liked the working demonstration of how simple the process is of creating a personalized image/timer and then adding that image to an email. I also appreciated the fact that it was not overwhelmingly 'salesly,' but rather informative and explanatory."

Ryan Davidson | Manager of Marketing, Events | Smithers


“It was interesting to see this new personalization and countdown timer technology. I have done personalization in printing, but never in an email campaign to this degree. I’m excited to try it.”

Lisa Butler | Director of Client Growth | Printco, Inc. 



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