For email marketers, fostering meaningful interactions with your subscribers is an ongoing challenge…

It involves producing campaigns that have a strong impact that encourages your subscribers to act. Yet to do this, you must first understand the moments when your email message will have the most positive effect on your subscribers.

In this on-demand event, join Pinpointe and Digital Marketing Consultant, Chris Sietsema of Teach to Fish Digital, for a fun presentation that uncovers eight different instances when you can strategically utilize email marketing to draw your audience in and make a big impact that creates raving fans. 

We'll also show you how you can:

  • Utilize email marketing to strengthen customer relationships via timely announcements, meaningful introductions, cross-sell opportunities, and win-back campaigns
  • Implement a self-segmentation strategy in which subscribers convey what's most important to them
  • Reap the benefits of a well-planned educational on-boarding series
  • And more!

In addition, Chris covers the latest advancements in email and provides some helpful advice for automated communication programs.

Register today to view the webinar and take the first step in creating more effective emails that your subscribers won’t forget!

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Pinpointe services email marketing ‘power users’ who have outgrown their Email Service Provider but don’t need all the features and cost associated with Marketing Automation. Pinpointe is designed to support high volume customers sending consent based email campaigns. Schedule a 1 on 1 demo or free trial.

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What Viewers Are Saying...


“Chris was very knowledgeable and genuine. The top-level explanations were very helpful. I also appreciated the tips on third-party services to help improve my email  campaigns.”

Kris G.
Marketing Writer


“The presenter was very well organized, provided great examples and kept it at a level I could understand. I'll be forwarding the recording to my email marketing manager.”

Jane Hayes
SVP Corporate Communications | Health Alliance Medical Plans